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Our dealership specializes in helping people with both GOOD & BAD credit purchase NEWER, LOWER MILE CARS AND TRUCKS.

We have the hook up to get you a car in bankruptcy - Chapter 7 or 13! We can get you a car - no problem!

Aren't you tired of hearing, "YOU'RE PRE-APPROVED! Come ON DOWN!" No more waiting just to find out you need a CO-Signer or $4500 down.

Here at Economy Auto we handle everything BEFORE you come down!!! You can do our EZ ONLINE APPLICATION and know EXACTLY what we can do before you leave home!!! There is NO need to come unless we can get you driving the same day!!

We use REAL finance companies that report to the THREE main credit bureaus!! Don't settle for some high mileage junk at a BUY HERE-PAY HERE!

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 Economy Auto Mart (773) 348-6263
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